A brief conversation with two of my past selves

March-Ray: Let’s just sign up for this

Now-Ray: Umm, wait, what? I’m seriously not ready to run another marathon. I haven’t really been training, my right hip is still bothering me a little, and my foot is bruised.

March-Ray: Again with the excuses? Sack up, bro.

Now-Ray: But…

March-Ray: You’ve known since March you were going to have to run this race.

June-Ray: Ooooh, this looks awesome! Check out those views.

Now-Ray: Dude, no! That’s the day after the marathon!

June-Ray: It’s not even a race; it’ll totally be easy.

Now-Ray: You’re not the one who has to ride 100km one day after running 26.2 miles.

March-Ray: Sierra Tango Bravo Yankee, dude.

June-Ray: Ha ha.

Now-Ray: Jerks.